How Michaela Healed Her Migraines Naturally and How You can do the Same

A lot of women with migraines get passed around from doctor to doctor and leave feeling defeated. And who can blame them? If prescription drugs and medical professionals can’t heal their migraines, what hope is there? That’s what happened with Michaela.

She was at her wit’s end when I met her. 

She spent years with migraines and she’d tried everything. Nothing was working.

So Michaela resorted to taking lots of medication, just to numb the pain. But her “solution” was making things worse. 

No matter what...

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Does the Keto Diet Help Migraines? (Why Your Migraines Will Thank You For Saying No To Keto!)

People often ask me about the keto diet and migraines. Could the benefits of the keto diet help your body become migraine-free?

It’s a fair question.

It’s natural for people who suffer from migraines to wonder how their diet affects their migraines.

But what you put into your body affects more than just your waistline — it affects every aspect of your health. 

And since the ketogenic diet is continuing to grow in popularity, I thought I’d address it. 

There are many nutritional strategies that are good...

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Does Acupuncture for Migraines and Tension Headaches work?



If you suffer from migraines, you do everything you can to find relief. The problem is your meds eventually stop working. So it’s normal to turn to natural healing options like acupuncture. But does acupuncture for migraines and tension headaches really work?

Here’s everything you need to know.

How does Acupuncture Work? 

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique that was practiced for thousands of years. 

They did this by inserting very thin needles into your skin to promote healing. They believed...

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Why do I experience Sinus Pain with my migraines?


Many women who suffer from migraines wonder why they also have sinus pain at the same time. 


They often go chasing down ear, nose and throat specialists to see why they are having sinus pain. They try meds for congestion or antibiotics for a sinus infection.They may not be treating the problem--or worse, not addressing the source of the issue in the first place.

Why is it so hard to treat sinus pain that is connected with migraines? 

Why do we get into the habit of treating the wrong thing when it comes to migraines? 

How does...

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5 Common Myths about Naturopathic Medicine

 There’s a lot of myths about naturopathic medicine. 

That’s because a lot of people don’t understand what it is.  

They stereotype naturopathic doctors as “hippies” that practice “ancient Eastern medicine.” That’s a real shame. 

Because if you suffer from migraines, a holistic approach might just be what brings you back to a state of health. Not your medication.

That’s why I’m going to address five of the biggest myths circulating the internet right now:

  1. ...
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Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Migraines?

 A lot of people believe their migraines are triggered by neck pain, sinus infections or TMJ headaches. They even wonder if their wisdom teeth cause migraines.

I’m not sure how or why people believe that. But let’s put a stop to it. 

That is not how migraines work.

What you Need to Know about Migraines

There are different types of migraines. There are also different migraine triggers. 

Headaches are the most common migraine symptom. But it is possible to have multiple symptoms at the same time. 

Migraine symptoms are...

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Can Migraines Cause Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

Do you feel like your migraines cause dark circles under your eyes?

A member in my free Healing Migraines Facebook group said she did and asked if anyone else got it too. TONS of other women responded.

Dark circles under your eyes are actually quite common. The next time you go to the grocery store and look around, you might see it in a few other people.

But is it a direct symptom of your migraine headache? Or does it mean your migraine is getting worse?

What Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Mean

When you have dark circles under your eyes when you get a...

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What Type of Migraine Do I Have?

If you’ve dealt with migraines, you know just how painful and debilitating they can be. What you might not know is that not all migraines look the same. There are different types of migraines.

But it's important for you to know that no matter how severe your migraine or its symptoms, there is a solution.

Here are six different types of migraines and how you can begin your journey to becoming migraine-free.

Migraine without Aura (Common Migraine)

The most common type of migraine is migraine without aura. 

Nicknamed “the common...

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Why Your Migraine Medication is Not Working: The Problem with Abortive Medication

When your migraines first started, you probably bought the standard over-the-counter medication. You figured it’d be enough to take the edge off. But soon your migraines became more frequent and severe. You went to the doctor and received abortive meds, which worked for a while. But then that migraine medication stopped working. 

Maybe your primary care doctor continued to prescribe you more drugs and supplements. 

But the pain and symptoms came back eventually.


Because abortive migraine medication is...

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Why Is My Doctor Refusing To Refill My Fioricet?


"Why Is My Doctor Refusing To Refill My Fioricet?" Dr. Leslie responds in this podcast.

In this episode I mention a free training I have on why drugs inevitably stop working after a while; here's the link to that: 

Would you like to jump on a free migraine consultation call with me to discuss how these principles apply to you? Let's jump on a call and talk about what your current state of health is today, where you would like it to be, and what is preventing your body from healing.

Click here to...

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