Why going to a Yale-trained MD who uses "Integrative Medicine" is going to be a waste of time and money


Hi everyone!

Dr. Leslie here - I wanted to jump on because a woman reached out to me over the weekend that she has been seeing a Yale-trained MD and doing "natural" or "alternative" medicine with him/her, spent $20K, and has not see any improvement.

This type of thing is the reason why I get out of bed every morning ON FIRE for what I do and this calling that I have - because just throwing a bunch of tests and supplements at the problem is not going to help.

If you've listened to any of my free trainings, I talk a lot about how the conventional...

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Do your genetics doom you to migraines? Spoiler Alert: No!


Do migraine headaches run in your family?
Did you grandmother get migraines?
Your Mother?
And now is your daughter getting migraine headaches?

Do you feel "doomed" to suffer from migraines?

Are you feeling helpless against this condition?


Listen to this podcast for what is really going on with "hereditary" migraines!

Would you like to jump on a free migraine consultation call with me to discuss how these principles apply to you? Let's jump on a call and talk about what your...

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Do you have weather-related migraines, headaches, and other symptoms? Before you move to another climate, please listen to this podcast on how to stop getting weather-related migraines


Are you constantly tracking migraine triggers in a desperate attempt to figure out what is causing your migraines?

Is "managing" your triggers becoming a full time job and taking the fun and spontaneity out of your life?

Are you depressed and demoralized because your triggers are unavoidable things like weather changes and odors?

The answer is not to figure out how to avoid the unavoidable, the answer is to reverse these triggers so you don't get migraines in the first place!

Would you like to jump on a free migraine consultation call with me to...

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Is migraine a brain disorder? Absolutely not.

health migraine wellbeing Apr 16, 2019

"Migraine is a disorder of the Brain" - this article appeared in my Facebook newsfeed this morning. I bet a bunch of you saw it too. It was sponsored by a website funded by the pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine industry.

Conventional medicine assumes that any symptoms we experience are because of some defect of the body - some disorder of the body. I assumed that too 20 years ago when I started getting migraine headaches because I'm an American and culturally this is what we are all taught too. The dominate belief in our culture is...

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