Why do I experience Sinus Pain with my migraines?


Many women who suffer from migraines wonder why they also have sinus pain at the same time. 


They often go chasing down ear, nose and throat specialists to see why they are having sinus pain. They try meds for congestion or antibiotics for a sinus infection.They may not be treating the problem--or worse, not addressing the source of the issue in the first place.

Why is it so hard to treat sinus pain that is connected with migraines? 

Why do we get into the habit of treating the wrong thing when it comes to migraines? 

How does...

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Why Your Migraine Medication is Not Working: The Problem with Abortive Medication

When your migraines first started, you probably bought the standard over-the-counter medication. You figured it’d be enough to take the edge off. But soon your migraines became more frequent and severe. You went to the doctor and received abortive meds, which worked for a while. But then that migraine medication stopped working. 

Maybe your primary care doctor continued to prescribe you more drugs and supplements. 

But the pain and symptoms came back eventually.


Because abortive migraine medication is...

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