How Michaela Healed Her Migraines Naturally and How You can do the Same

Jul 13, 2021

A lot of women with migraines get passed around from doctor to doctor and leave feeling defeated. And who can blame them? If prescription drugs and medical professionals can’t heal their migraines, what hope is there? That’s what happened with Michaela.

She was at her wit’s end when I met her. 

She spent years with migraines and she’d tried everything. Nothing was working.

So Michaela resorted to taking lots of medication, just to numb the pain. But her “solution” was making things worse. 

No matter what she tried, she was still waking up almost every morning at 3 a.m. with piercing pain. 

Daily migraines even made her dread the things she loved the most. Her favorite hobby — horseback riding — became a struggle.

Michaela knew something needed to change but didn’t know where to start. 

“I would never harm myself,” she said, “but it was getting to the point that life wasn’t worth living anymore.” 

It wasn’t until a doctor’s visit that she finally had the push to change. 

The doctor told her that she was one of the unlucky ones who had limited options and the only thing they could do was switch medications.

But Michaela wasn’t interested in putting more toxins and chemicals into her body. The medication the doctor prescribed had more side effects than the previous, and she was already foggy enough. 

She was tired of putting her health at risk. She was tired of living in a constant fog. 

How the Healing Migraines Naturally Program was the Change Michaela Needed

Michaela found the Healing Migraines Naturally page on Facebook. And while she doesn’t remember how she came across it, she does remember the excitement she felt after her first call.

“I felt empowered,” she said. 

On that call, we talked in-depth about Michaela’s personal experiences with migraines. Then I shared my story. It felt like we really connected.

Michaela said she felt heard — that she was talking to someone who finally understood her.

She decided to try the Healing Migraines Naturally Program and to her surprise, she began to see things change almost immediately. 

“It was work, but it wasn’t difficult,” she said. 

 Michaela blitzed through the first three weeks of the program. 

With the support of someone who knew her struggle and a real plan in place to overcome her migraines — she began to feel better.

Then she hit a roadblock.

She felt her first migraine since she started the program.

“I thought I was cured,” she said.

But she learned having setbacks during the program was normal. After all, it takes time to find your body’s blockers and eliminate them.

But once Michaela understood that, she became more determined than ever to finish the program.

That was two years ago. And since then — Michaela hasn’t had a single migraine.

“I feel like I’m living life now,” she told me. 

Her migraines are gone, and her life’s returned. She’s sleeping through the night and she’s back on the saddle. Horseback riding is a joy again! 

Michaela’s one regret is not starting the program earlier. She realizes she could’ve saved herself many restless nights and stopped herself from taking so much medication.

“I thought I was doomed for the rest of my life.”

Are You Ready to Listen to Your Body’s Natural Healing Process? 

If you’re ready to make migraines a part of your past, then you need to find the true source of what is blocking your body’s natural healing process. 

In my Healing Migraines Naturally Program, you’ll be able to unblock what is causing your migraines, and together, we’ll bring your body back to a state of health.

If you’re ready to join Michaela and other women from across the country who have left their migraines in the past, book a free consultation today. In just 12 weeks, you can unlock your body’s natural healing process and put migraines in the past. 

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