Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Migraines?

 A lot of people believe their migraines are triggered by neck pain, sinus infections or TMJ headaches. They even wonder if their wisdom teeth cause migraines.

I’m not sure how or why people believe that. But let’s put a stop to it. 

That is not how migraines work.

What you Need to Know about Migraines

There are different types of migraines. There are also different migraine triggers. 

Headaches are the most common migraine symptom. But it is possible to have multiple symptoms at the same time. 

Migraine symptoms are...

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Do you have weather-related migraines, headaches, and other symptoms? Before you move to another climate, please listen to this podcast on how to stop getting weather-related migraines


Are you constantly tracking migraine triggers in a desperate attempt to figure out what is causing your migraines?

Is "managing" your triggers becoming a full time job and taking the fun and spontaneity out of your life?

Are you depressed and demoralized because your triggers are unavoidable things like weather changes and odors?

The answer is not to figure out how to avoid the unavoidable, the answer is to reverse these triggers so you don't get migraines in the first place!

Would you like to jump on a free migraine consultation call with me to...

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