Finally: Revolutionary Help for Frequent Migraine Sufferers

For many women, it feels like migraines take over their lives. But maybe for the first time, there’s good news for migraine sufferers. You don’t have to be defeated by head pain. Not anymore.

Yes, I'd like to learn more!



  • Have you tried many different migraine medications, but nothing seems to work?
  • Are you afraid of what all the drugs are doing to your body?
  • Do you spend your migraine-free days wondering when the next migraine will hit?
  • Have you had to cancel plans, skip vacations, and break promises to the people you love because of migraine headaches?
  • Has your doctor run out of options and said, “I can’t do anything more for you?”
  • Are you driving yourself crazy trying to figure out what is causing your migraines?
  • Do you secretly feel like no matter what you do, you will suffer from migraines for the rest of your life?

Struggling with Migraines Can Feel Like Your Head is a Ticking Time Bomb

When you’re a frequent migraine sufferer, it can be incredibly frustrating. Even when you’re feeling normal, you never know when the next attack will come. The anticipation of the pain and suffering that could occur makes it almost unbearable.

You can find yourself constantly on edge, looking for triggers that might set off an episode of pain and dreading the possibility of going through another. It can make it hard to get through day-to-day life, as you never know when a migraine will strike or how bad it might be.

At any moment, you can trigger a migraine, and your plans are ruined. Date night with your husband, soccer game with your kids, that big client presentation, the long-planned family vacation. When a migraine hits, it can send you into a dark room for as long as it takes until you feel better enough to rejoin life.

Trapped between wanting to escape and being unable to find relief

A migraine can make it nearly impossible to do the things you enjoy. The pain and disruption can rob you of the activities that bring you joy and steal your energy. Even if you try to push through, the fog of a migraine can make it hard to focus and concentrate on even the simplest tasks. It's like being constantly trapped in a state of overwhelming frustration, trapped between wanting to escape and being unable to find relief.

Many of us have tried everything to address chronic migraines, and nothing seems to work. We are tired of being stuck in a vicious cycle of pain, nausea, depression, light and sound sensitivities, and, worst of all, feeling like we’ve let people down around us. We often begin to believe stories about ourselves that are grim and feel hopeless.

If that describes your experience, you’re in the right place.

I Want to Assure You That Your Migraines Are Not Your Fault.



"If you've tried everything and nothing has worked, I want you to know it's not your fault.

And it's probably not your chiropractor's, neurologist’s, or alt-med practitioner’s fault, either. They did the best they knew to how to do with the knowledge they had. The problem is that what they think they know about migraines is wrong."

- Leslie Cisar, ND



Hundreds of women in the last six years have now experienced the life-changing results of a breakthrough approach to treating migraines developed by Dr. Leslie Cisar, a naturopathic physician who suffered from frequent migraines that sometimes sidelined her several times each week.

She pursued healing for herself and, in the process, developed a revolutionary new understanding of what causes migraines, why most approaches to treating migraines don’t work for frequent migraine sufferers, and how to treat their underlying causes so that frequent migraine sufferers can become mostly or completely migraine free.

Before introducing you to that revolutionary new approach to treating migraines, we need to talk about what migraines are, how they develop, and why they are so difficult to treat.


Hundreds of women in the last six years have now experienced the life-changing results of a breakthrough approach to treating migraines developed by Dr. Leslie Cisar, a naturopathic physician who suffered from frequent migraines that sometimes sidelined her several times each week.

She pursued healing for herself and, in the process, developed a revolutionary new understanding of what causes migraines, why most approaches to treating migraines don’t work for frequent migraine sufferers, and how to treat their underlying causes so that frequent migraine sufferers can become mostly or completely migraine free.

Before introducing you to that revolutionary new approach to treating migraines, we need to talk about what migraines are, how they develop, and why they are so difficult to treat.


The most common theory about what causes migraines is “the trigger hypothesis.”

It says that migraines are caused by “triggers” like light, or sound, or diet. Migraines are your body’s way of punishing you for encountering a trigger.

There are just two problems with the trigger hypothesis:


it’s not true, and it’s not helpful.


The trigger hypothesis isn’t true because most people can encounter all the triggers you do without their bodies creating a migraine.


Why are those factors triggers for your body but not everyone else?

Plus, even migraine sufferers can often encounter a supposed trigger many times without having a migraine, only to have the migraine strike at the most unexpected moment.

If the triggers were what causes migraines, wouldn’t they cause migraines every time?

The trigger hypothesis isn’t helpful because most frequent migraine sufferers are susceptible to many triggers

That’s why migraine sufferers often feel like they must move through life wrapped in bubble wrap, feeling fragile, just waiting for the next time a trigger will set off another migraine.

the problem should be obvious: 

it's practically impossible to eliminate all triggers


Even if the trigger hypothesis is true, it doesn’t give you practical advice for becoming mostly or completely migraine free.

You can’t avoid most triggers, and you shouldn’t have to.

Instead, you need to be able to weather those triggers when you’re exposed to them… just like non-migraine sufferers do.



When a migraine is triggered, the trigger is not the problem: it's your body trying to tell you there’s a deeper issue.

The true cause of your migraine is everything that has contributed to making your body so extremely sensitive that virtually anything can trigger another migraine.

For migraine sufferers, the problem is similar to that of a bomb rigged to explode at the slightest disturbance. The more sensitive the migraine sufferer’s body becomes, the more likely it is that virtually anything can trigger an attack.

It's like a domino effect; one small change or event can create a chain reaction of pain and suffering that takes its toll on both body and mind. As the sensitivity grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay in control of one’s health and well-being.

If you think of your migraine as a bomb, what is responsible for making it explode? The person who bumps into it and “triggers” it to explode? Or the person who made the bomb in the first place?

You’re not meant to go through life feeling like you’re always on a hair trigger and that you have to be careful because virtually anything could cause a migraine at any time. You shouldn’t need to have expensive drugs on hand at all times in case you feel another migraine coming on. 

You should be able to go to your kids’ games, plan vacations, exercise, go for that promotion at work, and live your best life without fear that a crippling migraine can strike any moment. 



The world is full of migraine triggers. We can’t eliminate all of them. We need to defuse the migraine bomb instead.

The Real Fix for Migraines

Suppose I'm right that the cause of migraines is what makes your body so sensitive it’s vulnerable to migraines, and not the individual things that seem to trigger the migraine. In that case, the solution to migraines becomes obvious:

First, we need to identify all the various factors (there are always more than one) that have, over the years, made your body so sensitive that it's vulnerable to migraines.

Then we need to systematically address those factors so that you regain your resiliency and vitality and stop getting migraines.

For the last six years, I've put my theory to the test. I've worked with hundreds of clients from Hawaii to Maine and everywhere in between with one goal in mind: ensuring that they no longer feel like they have to plan their life around their migraines.

I do that by working with my clients to systematically, and individually address the factors causing them to be sensitive to migraines so that they become so resilient that the stressors of life no longer trigger migraines.

Before coming to me, most of my clients had tried dozens of approaches that promised to alleviate migraines. They’ve been tested every which way. And nothing they tried seemed to work.

Yet as the testimonials on this page will attest, within three months of working with me, most of my clients are experiencing fewer migraines. Many are entirely migraine free.

Here’s just a small sample.

I suffered with migraines for 30 years and ultimately no matter what I tried they just got worse.  Imitrex worked but taking longer and very frequently.  I worked with Dr. Leslie out of despair and I am living my best life now and no longer having migraines.  Best money in healthcare I have ever spent!

Michaela Z.


I went through Dr. Leslie's program a few months ago.  I had migraines since I was 19 and I'm 64 now.  I haven't had one since August!  I'm telling you, she is amazing and if she can't help you, she will tell you.

Sue W. 


I looked at it as an investment in my health and am almost migraine free.  Down from 3-5 days twice a month to an occasional neckache.  And my IBS is virtually nonexistent thanks to Dr. Leslie.

Nancy D.


I finished her program in November.  My last migraine was about 8 weeks into her program.  I am so thankful that I took a leap of faith and did the program!  Prior to the program I was having about 27-29 migraine days a month.  Dr. Leslie gave me my life back.

Stephanie B.



If we think of a body prone to migraines like a bomb rigged to explode, it’s only natural to ask how you can defuse that bomb.

Just like defusing a bomb, the answer is “very carefully.”

One of the biggest challenges in treating migraines—and the reason that so many practitioners have failed with my clients before they work with me—is that frequent migraine sufferers’ bodies are so sensitive that almost any change in their habits can trigger another migraine. That includes even otherwise healthy changes: eating healthier, adding a supplement, and going to bed an hour earlier.

This causes the migraine sufferer to feel stuck between a rock and a hard place—stuck in agony but fearful of doing anything different for fear of setting off that bomb.


When a bomb disposal expert defuses a bomb, they don’t just start randomly cutting wires. 


If they did that, they’d almost certainly trigger it to explode.

Instead, a bomb disposal expert studies the bomb carefully to understand how it works—what makes it explode—and then creates a step-by-step plan to carefully defuse the bomb without causing it to explode.

“Defusing” migraines works the same way.

We need to understand exactly how your unique migraine process works.

What causes your migraines?

How do those symptoms develop?

What changes can we make without setting off a migraine, and then in what order can we make those changes so that, bit by bit, we defuse your body’s migraine state?




This step enables us to determine the unique pattern that causes a body in a migraine state to “explode” with migraines. 


Each migraine sufferer’s migraine is unique. One-size-fits-all solutions rarely work. We need to start with changes that you can actually implement. 


By making weekly, incremental changes, we “defuse” the migraine state, lessening migraine sensitivity without triggering additional migraines.  


It all starts with the 


"I worked with Dr. Leslie and went on a summer vacation and had NO migraines.  That has never happened before.  I also haven't missed a single day of work since. I never thought I'd feel good ever again."

Each person’s migraine has features and symptoms it shares with every other person’s migraine. That’s why a migraine is called a “migraine.”

But each person’s migraine also is unique. Migraines are the result of a complex set of influences. No two migraines have the same set of causes.

And it stands to reason that a single approach won’t solve it.




If there were an obvious solution, your other practitioners would have found it already.

The clue to what kind of migraines you have—and what will be needed to shift you out of a migraine state—lies in how your symptoms express themselves.

Here’s an example that illustrates how essential migraine symptoms are to understanding the root causes of migraines and how to treat them.

Two clients, Jennifer and Amanda, both have chronic migraines:

Client #1:  Jennifer

Jennifer's migraines feel like a throbbing heartbeat, with a tight band around her head, and every time she gets a migraine, she has horrible nausea. When Jennifer gets a migraine, she is so sensitive to light that she needs to lie down in a dark room until the migraine passes.

Client #2:  Amanda

Amanda's migraines feel like a ball of tension on the left side of her neck, a stabbing pain in her temple, and each time her migraine strikes, she’ll be in pain for five to seven days, but never has any nausea or light sensitivity.

For the average practitioner who treats migraines, every migraine is the same.

They will give Jennifer and Amanda the same B vitamins, the same drugs, the same diet, and the same back-cracking regimen.

Most don’t even think to wonder why Jennifer’s symptoms are so radically different from Amanda's or consider that the differences in those symptoms might be a clue to the root cause of their migraines.  That's a crucial mistake.



Each person’s migraine symptoms contain an echo of the underlying causes of the migraine state.

A complete understanding of your unique symptoms is the first step to feeling better.


That’s why I have the most comprehensive assessment process in the industry.

To extend our analogy, migraine symptoms provide a "schematic" to understanding how the migraine bomb has been rigged and what causes it to explode. They also provide a roadmap to defusing that migraine bomb.

Your migraine symptoms are unique. And the way your body generates those migraine symptoms is unique. Only once we understand the unique way your migraines express themselves can we know how to “defuse the bomb” and shift your body out of a migraine state.

Because I focus on your migraine symptoms, I don’t need to do thousands of dollars in specialty testing. (You’ve probably had all the tests anyway.) Instead, I ask questions others don’t even consider with one goal: to understand the unique causes of your migraine state. We need to build that understanding of your specific migraine process, so we can figure out how to defuse YOUR migraine state.


You're going to



Targeted Questions with a Purpose

I'm going to ask you specific questions with a purpose.  That purpose is to uncover what is blocking your health and generating these migraines - at a cellular level, organ level, and mind-body level.  

complete lab and imaging review

You will give me all the testing you've already had done (I'm sure it's been extensive by now) as well as any imaging, and I'm going to review everything in the whole context of your case.  

complete medication review

Have the medications you've needed to take made things worse?  I review your complete medication history and create a game plan to reverse any negative impacts they've had on your health.

migraine symptom assessment

We are going to go into detail on your migraine symptoms - the stuff your other healthcare providers never even thought to ask.  My clients tell me all the time - "I've never been asked these kinds of questions before!" 

complete case review

Once I have all the data points I need, I do a complete case review and put all the puzzle pieces together for you.  If you've dreamed of someone actually taking the time to fully understand your case, that's what I do.

your migraine resilience map

Finally - the answers you've been waiting for!  I will prepare your unique Migraine Resilience Map.  My clients tell me all the time - "I finally have the answers as to why I've suffered so long!"


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You need an individualized plan

Because each person’s migraine state and life are unique, the plan to defuse the migraine state also needs to be unique and tailored to your specific situation.

Most practitioners fail to realize this. They do comprehensive testing but then act as if the same treatments apply to every migraine.

There’s merit in many of these remedies for some people.

Many of them might, if adopted in the right order at the right time, make your body more resilient and able to respond to stressors without touching off another migraine.

The problem is that because most migraine practitioners do not understand the unique features of your migraine, the plans they recommend often have significant gaps.

To extend our bomb analogy, they defuse one circuit of the bomb but leave six others that enable the bomb to explode most of the time anyway.

The other problem I see repeatedly is that practitioners have one way of doing things – and if that doesn’t work for you – you’re the problem.

That’s not actually an individualized plan.


That’s why I work with each of my clients to design a plan that is tailored to not only their unique migraine process, but also adapted to their life and preferences.


Let me give you two examples. 

Let's meet Amy - a 50 year old woman with menstrual migraines who's already seen two alt-med specialists - and Ashley - a 35 year old mom of 3 small kids who's overwhelmed and fatigued.


implemented carefully in the right order



It’s an unfortunate reality of life that if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.

There is no magic pill for migraines. The only way to ensure that ordinary life stressors don’t keep triggering migraines is to make the changes necessary to build resilience in your body.

Most migraine practitioners recommend you adopt all their supposed remedies at once. This approach is almost counterproductive even when all recommended changes are “healthy.”

There are three reasons this “big bang” approach usually fails.

First, as we’ve explained above, once a migraine state is advanced enough to cause frequent migraines, the body becomes so sensitive that even healthy changes often trigger migraines.

Second, it’s virtually impossible to change half a dozen or more habits simultaneously. For any plan to work, it has to be a plan that you can implement.

Third, when you change too many habits simultaneously, you lose the ability to know which changes moved your body toward health and away from the migraine state.


That’s why my approach succeeds where so many others fail.

  1. My comprehensive Migraine Resilience Map diagnostic process lets us understand what changes you are likely to be able to make and in what order to make your body more resilient without triggering more migraines. Only once we have a thorough understanding of your unique symptoms can we discern the unique path that will defuse your migraine state.
  2. My migraine abatement plans are incremental. We focus on changes that are practical for you to make today, and then I work with you to implement those changes one step at a time.
  3. I ensure that there are proper feedback mechanisms in place so that we can confirm when your plan is working and make adjustments when necessary.


What many of my clients call their “game changer” is that I meet with them every one to two weeks, depending on what is required in their case.

This frequent cadence enables us to intervene quickly should we need to change your plan.

With the four-to-six-week lag time between appointments most migraine practitioners use instead, how many migraines would you suffer from between appointments? 10? 20? 35?

I am committed to not letting you continue to suffer like that.

Let’s look closer at what this revolutionary approach allows us to do:


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Your First Step to Getting Better

step 1


Schedule your Onboarding Call to get access to my HIPAA compliant client portal and start your Map.

step 2


Once inside your account, review the easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to complete the assessments and submit your records. 

step 3


Schedule your Migraine Symptom Assessment appointment via the calendar app inside your account.

step 4


Finally, after I study your case and create your Migraine Resilience Map (about 3-4 days later), we will schedule your Map Review appointment to review it in detail and determine the next best steps.

 Let's get you started!

You’re probably wondering what this comprehensive analysis costs. Many migraine practitioners rely on a variety of custom tests that can cost many hundreds up to several thousand dollars. They also charge hundreds of dollars per hour for every appointment. Add the costs together, and many practitioners’ diagnostic phase could easily cost $3,000 or more.

You’re not going to spend $3,000 today. Nor does the Migraine Resilience Map cost $2,000 or even $1,000.

That said, if the diagnostic did cost $3,000, it could very well be worth it.

  • How much do your migraines cost you in a year?
  • How many obligations do you miss?
  • What would you invest to get your life back?
  • When your head explodes and all you can do is sequester yourself in a dark room until the migraine passes, what would you spend if you could make it stop and never happen again?

I'm on a mission to help every frequent migraine sufferer I can. I want you to be able to take on the world. I want you to be resilient to weather all the ordinary triggers and stresses in life without having a migraine.

That’s why I’ve made the diagnostic as affordable as I can. I want it to be accessible to as many migraine sufferers as possible.

Even though each diagnostic I perform can take three to four hours of my time, not to mention the hundreds of hours that went into creating it in the first place, your diagnostic with me today requires an investment of just $695.


Seriously girl, it really is much easier than you think!


I had my first official intake conversation with Dr. Leslie today.  I was at ease speaking with her, knowing she has had migraines in the past and understands the reality of my suffering. 

Tonight, I am reflecting on the beginning of this process with Dr. Leslie compared with my experience within a traditional medical system of neurologists and migraine specialists.  Biggest difference?  After our phone call, I felt ENCOURAGED!

Amanda W.

New Hampshire

Do yourself a favor and schedule a consult call with Dr. Leslie!  She has changed my life!  I started with her in August of 2018 and I was taking 7-10 triptans per month.  Now as of today I haven't had a triptan since Nov 27, 2018.  Not only are my headaches manageable and getting less and less frequent, but I sleep better and have a lot more energy.  She is worth talking to!

Jessica F.

New Mexico

I am forever grateful to my friend for introducing me to Dr. Cisar, who is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and insightful.  After our first meeting, I knew she was someone who had a gift of listening as well as healing.  I obtained dramatic results within the first few months, which I had doubted was even possible.  I call Dr. Cisar a "miracle worker" as she has truly changed my life.

Jill M.


Don't be afraid. Do this for yourself. I had to start making me a priority again, getting my life back, and not be afraid.  You can't give up on yourself.  And I was not about to give up on me.  Even if you feel like, oh my God, this is just one more thing.  But this was "the one more thing" that helped me.  This is the first time in my life that I have seen any changes in my migraines.  Dr. Leslie has helped me improve my health on many levels.  This has been a journey to heal not only my migraines, but other aspects of my wellbeing.  Thank you to Dr. Leslie for this program that has made a huge difference in my life and health.

Debbie H.

New York


After you and I review your Migraine Resilience Map, you will have three options to continue your care:

Solo Journey Recommendations

I will provide you with easy-to-follow recommendations on what to do and when to do it as you continue your healing journey on your own. 

Included with your map

Healing Migraines Naturally Group Program

My revolutionary group program provides an economical way to implement what we uncover on your Migraine Resilience Map.  I’ve taken everything I’ve learned working with hundreds of frequent migraine sufferers over the past 6 years and created a group program that provides the support you need to succeed in a group format that allows it to be accessible for everyone.

3 payments of $449

Full Custom, One-on-One Care

If you’ve dreamed of having a provider dedicated to every aspect of your case, willing to help you every step of the way, and able to guide you through whatever roadblocks come your way, this is it.

Experience what it’s like to have an expert guide and assist you through every step of your healing journey. 

Starting at: $1499/month (limited availability)

As part of your Migraine Resilience Map review, I will provide you with my opinion as to what level of care would be the best for you, based on your case and your goals. 

After we review your options, you are free to make the decision you feel is best for you going forward.

don't delay

Because of how in-depth this diagnostic is, there are a limited number of slots available on my calendar. 

To ensure you secure your spot and begin your path to recovery as soon as possible, click the button below and schedule your onboarding call with me.

If you’re seeing this, slots are currently available, but they tend to go quickly. So click that button, fill out that form, and rest easy knowing that you’ve taken action finally to address the real cause of your migraines.


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Don’t Take My Word For It


It’s natural to wonder whether this is worth it. What could I ask that you haven’t been asked dozens of times already?

It might feel like you’ve tried everything to treat migraines. And nothing has worked. Is it foolish to maintain hope that you can live a migraine-free life?

Or maybe everything you’ve read on this page is making sense. You see how almost every other approach relies on the trigger hypothesis, and the reasons why the trigger hypothesis is both false and unhelpful make sense to you. You might even see that the root cause of migraines is what makes your body so sensitive that almost anything can trigger a migraine. And you might be encouraged that my symptoms-based approach will provide a schematic for defusing your “migraine bomb.” But still, you wonder: can I trust what I’m reading here?

The hundreds of women I've helped over the last six years faced the same decision you do now. They felt like they’d tried everything. They’d been through countless tests and intake forms. They were skeptical that my approach would be any different and even more skeptical that it might work.

Just like you, they wondered whether this process would be worth the investment or whether it would be another dead end. But every one of them decided to invest in the hope of being migraine free.

See what they say after deciding to invest.

I finished Dr. Leslie's three-month program in Oct with amazing results.  Thank goodness I started this journey with the best guide I could have.  I was in bad shape when I started, almost daily, debilitating, tortuous migraines, chronic fatigue, chronic neck pain, trapezium always in a knot, joint aches, fibromyalgia like muscle pain, similar to so many of us.  I wasn't even driving because just holding a steering wheel too long caused shoulder and neck pain which led to headaches. 

I'm not quite ready to jump back into P 90 X like I used to do, years ago, before migraines stole my life but I know as I continue to use the knowledge and tools taught and provided by Dr. Leslie I will be able to do it again.  That and much more.  The migraines are few and far between, also less intense.  I feel they are on their way out of my life for good. Thank you Dr. Leslie for guiding me along the path of healing. 

Michelle T.


I highly suggest Dr. Leslie!  I was hopeless about my health when I started working with her in February.  Fast forward to now and I haven't had a migraine in months!

Sarah P.


Leslie Cisar has been an amazing help and support through my journey.  Yes there is an expense but heavens what I've spent over the years with no results.  Now I have great improvement and a support system that's always willing to get me back on track and remind me I am human.

Chris O.


Dr. Leslie - I can't thank you enough.  For anyone that's questioning it, don't wait - get your life back.

Mary Jo T.

New York

Still Have Questions?


If you are still on the fence

If you’re still on the fence about securing your migraine resiliency map, I know from personal experience what that’s like. When I was struggling with migraines several times a week, I felt like I might be broken permanently—crippled by a life sentence to pain and suffering.

Every time I went to a new practitioner, I struggled with doubt. Why will this one work, when all the others failed? Am I just throwing good money after bad? Am I just letting myself in for another disappointment?

I didn’t want to surrender to my migraines. I refused to relinquish hope. I was committed to trying anything and doing anything that might cure my migraines.

If I had quit, I would almost certainly still be a chronic migraine sufferer, living a diminished life, feeling like a burden to my husband, a pale reflection of the person I knew I could be for my daughter. I never would have become a naturopathic physician and live to my full potential.

If I had given into despair and skepticism, the many hundreds of clients I've helped become mostly or completely migraine free over the last six years would still be suffering too.

The famous quotation is true: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Don’t give into despair. Don’t let skepticism win. The only way to condemn yourself to a lifelong sentence of migraines, the only path that guarantees the migraines will win, is to do nothing today.

Choose hope instead. Secure your slot on my calendar and get started on your Migraine Resilience Map today.

The Way I See It, You Have Two Choices

You have two choices today. You could decide to do what hundreds of other frequent migraine sufferers have done and secure your appointment with me for your own Migraine Resilience Map.

If you do that, you’ll have spent $695. But in exchange, at a minimum, you’ll have a much better understanding of why you suffer from migraines, what’s causing your specific symptoms, and how your particular migraines express themselves. 

When you secure your Migraine Resilience Map today, you’ll be reassured that you’re not alone, you’re not crazy, and there’s hope for you, just like many hundreds of previous clients have experienced.

You’ll also have the pride that comes with taking responsibility for your life and acting to become migraine free once and for all. Just like the hundreds of clients before you who have made the same decision and later called it one of the best decisions in their lives, you’ll have every reason to hope that living a migraine-free life is within your reach.

Your second option today is to leave this page without securing your Migraine Resilience Map and to opt instead to spend countless hours continuing your search for a migraine treatment that might work for you or give up entirely and accept a life sentence of frequent migraines.

If you do that, two things are certain: you will save $695, and you’ll continue to suffer frequent migraines. $695 is not a trivial amount of money for most people. And while my approach has worked for hundreds of clients in the last six years, nothing in life is guaranteed.

But here’s the thing about money: it replenishes itself. New paychecks arrive regularly. We spend our money on things we need, and then two weeks or a month later, we get paid, and our bank accounts are filled again.

If you purchase the diagnostic and use what you learn from it to be migraine-free, months from now, the $695 investment will be nothing more than a blip in your personal finances. And yet it will be a milestone on your path to healing. You might even find yourself saying, as many of my clients have, “That was the best money I’ve ever spent in my life.”

Only you can decide whether the opportunity to become mostly or completely migraine-free is worth the investment of $695 to secure your Migraine Resilience Map today. When you consider what migraines have cost you over the years, how desperate you are for relief when you’re in the throes of a migraine, and how quickly you’ll forget the $695 you invested today, I think the decision is obvious.


Don’t Let Doubt and Skepticism Win

If you decide not to trust me and instead search for other therapies, you may find a treatment that works for you. But when you do find a solution that might work for you, what will be different from the decision you face today?

Won’t you have the same questions you have today? Why will this approach work when all the others have failed? How can I trust it will work? Is it worth what it costs?

Most women with frequent migraines are on an exhausting hamster wheel of never-ending internet research, fear, doubt, and skepticism.  Let today be the day you get off that hamster wheel and grab your rightful place in line with other women who said, enough already, I’m going to do something today that’s different.


Six years ago, I started a free Facebook group for women with frequent migraines.  Today, there are over 12,000 women in it.  What breaks my heart are the number of women who continue to post, month after month, about how much they are suffering.  I wish I could help all of them – but I can’t wave a magic wand and make everyone better.  People must engage in their own healing. 

There is one trait that distinguishes the clients I've worked with in the last six years – and that is – they are all action-takers. They are open to new approaches and willing to try possible solutions for as long as it takes to become migraine free.

Rather than let the failed treatments make them fatalistic, they continued to be open to the possibility that a different approach might work. And for each of them, their healing began when they heard about my approach like you have today, and they decided to invest in their health and wellbeing.

When you start your Migraine Resilience Map today, you’re taking action. You’re declaring with your dollars that you’re not going to quit, you’re the kind of person who will do whatever it takes to become migraine-free.


You are worth the investment

Your migraine-free life is worth much more than the $695 you’ll invest today.

Just ask your husband, your kids, and your friends. They’ll all tell you: you’re worth a lot more than $695.

How much would they sacrifice to free you from your migraines? How many more memories will you be able to make, and how much more will you be able to contribute to the people you love once you become migraine free?

You only get one life. Yours is worth investing whatever it takes to become mostly or completely migraine free.

I hope for your sake—and for your loved ones—that you decide today to trust what so many hundreds of others have over the last six years and invest in becoming migraine free.

There is hope on the other side of frequent migraines. Decide to do whatever it takes to become migraine-free today. I have every confidence it will be the best decision you’ll ever make.


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