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Don’t let migraines hold you back.
You were made to embrace all life brings!

Enjoy Life Migraine-free

Take Back Control of Your Life

  • Discover the root cause of your migraines
  • Say goodbye to ineffective prescriptions
  • Transform your health

Hi, I'm Dr. Leslie Cisar, ND

I'm a licensed Naturopathic Physician and I know firsthand how defeating it feels to suffer from debilitating headaches. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping women all over the country recover from migraines. My Healing Migraines Naturally Program transforms your health by identifying — and removing — the real reason for your headaches. So you can keep up with everything going on in your life. Because I believe every woman was created to live life abundantly, not surrendered to head pain.


Stop planning your life around your pain.

Confidently embrace every moment:

Get Your Migraine Resilience Map

Your migraine symptoms are unique. And the way your body generates those migraine symptoms is unique. That's why I have the most comprehensive assessment process in the industry - The Migraine Resilience Map.

Start Your Restoration Plan

We’ll create a custom plan to restore your body’s complete health, so you have the energy and confidence to take on all life brings, with personal support every step of the way.

Enjoy a Full Life

Imagine waking up every day knowing you can keep all your commitments and be part of every moment. It’s time to reclaim your energy and your life.




I'm finally to the point now to where I feel like a younger version of myself — I finally feel like me.


If you are feeling frustrated, like you have tried everything and nothing is working … then try this program. It really did help me when I thought I would be living with these migraines for the rest of my life, and living my life on the couch.

Mary Jo

I’ve got more energy, I no longer have GI issues, I have lost weight, my fatigue has improved. I used to have 2-5 migraines per week. Now I have a small headache every 4-5 days!

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Don't Miss Out on Life's Biggest Moments

Confidently follow through on your commitments.

Do More Than "Treat" Symptoms

Identify — and remove — the real cause of your migraine.

Enjoy a Full Life

You were created to live life abundantly.

Almost one in every five American women deal with chronic head pain. In fact, they’ve most likely been battling it for years.

And no matter how many prescriptions or supplements they’re given, none of them seem to help.

As a naturopathic physician, I know there is a better way to treat your head pain. That’s why I’ve helped hundreds of women conquer their migraines using my Healing Migraines Naturally Program.

Here’s how you can confidently embrace every moment:

  1. Get Your Migraine Resilience Map
  2. Start Your Restoration Plan
  3. Enjoy a Full Life

Schedule your free migraine consultation today.


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