Can Migraines Cause Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

Mar 05, 2021

Do you feel like your migraines cause dark circles under your eyes?

A member in my free Healing Migraines Facebook group said she did and asked if anyone else got it too. TONS of other women responded.

Dark circles under your eyes are actually quite common. The next time you go to the grocery store and look around, you might see it in a few other people.

But is it a direct symptom of your migraine headache? Or does it mean your migraine is getting worse?

What Dark Circles Under Your Eyes Mean

When you have dark circles under your eyes when you get a migraine there are a couple of things we should look at.

The first is the liver. The second is a potential allergic reaction.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses a sophisticated way of figuring out what your body needs. 

When our body acts out, it’s usually a reaction to something. TCM suggests your next step should be to figure out which organ system is under duress or needs to be repaired.

When you experience dark circles under your eyes, this usually points to an irregularity with your liver.

The Liver

The main function of the liver is to remove metabolic wastes and toxins from the body. 

Metabolic wastes are generated through your normal metabolism. 

Every cell generates waste material and there are also toxins we are exposed to in the environment. Eventually all this waste needs to be cleared.

But the liver isn’t the only reason behind darker skin around the eyes. It could be tied to an allergic reaction. This is most common with children.

Allergic Shiners: Dark Circles Under the Eyes in Children

There is another explanation for dark circles under the eyes. And it’s commonly seen in young children. It’s a symptom of an allergic reaction.

Nicknamed an “allergic shiner,” dark circles under the eyes in children usually indicate a struggling immune system. 

Whatever is causing the allergic reaction in the child is also causing the discoloration. Hay fever is an allergy that typically results in dark circles forming under the eyes. 

So your discoloring might not be related to your migraine. It could be an allergic shiner instead.

What to do

Dark circles are a particularly common problem with women. It can lead to a lot of insecurity.

That’s not surprising. We’re constantly bombarded with media and society telling us to cover up our faces. Making us feel “less than” because we have dark circles under our eyes. 

Covering it up won’t address the underlying issue. You need to bring your body back to a state of health. 

Your liver needs to be able to keep up with the metabolic wastes in your body and the outside toxins it’s exposed to. 

When you bring your body back to health, you not only get rid of dark circles but you conquer your migraines as well. 

Healing Migraines Naturally

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