54. Raynaud's and Migraines - Are They Connected?

In this episode of Healing Migraines Naturally, Mari and Dr. Leslie pick up a magnifying glass to take an up-close look at the cellular level, exploring the intriguing connections between Raynaud's Syndrome and migraines.

What is Raynaud’s Syndrome? Raynaud's syndrome, a condition that predominantly affects women, causes capillaries in the fingers to constrict, resulting in painful and intermittent attacks triggered by stressors like cold temperatures or emotional stress. While Dr. Leslie learned about Raynaud’s Syndrome in naturopathic medical school, she never saw a case of it until she started working exclusively with women with migraines. Now, it regularly comes up, with about 10% of her clients with migraines ALSO getting Raynaud’s flairs.

As Mari and Dr. Leslie sift through the physiology of Raynaud's, they shed light on how the body's circulatory system responds to cold and stress and why it sometimes misfires, leading to Raynaud's symptoms.

This episode, like past episodes of the podcast, focuses on the importance of viewing symptoms as signals of underlying deficiencies in the body and gives listeners a deeper understanding of exactly what functions are taking place when things like migraines or Raynaud’s occur.

To help address the underlying cause of these types of illnesses, Dr. Leslie speaks about her three core principles for addressing health issues, focusing on nourishing cells, clearing metabolic waste, and restoring vitality. By understanding these principles, Dr. Leslie and Mari aim to empower listeners to address the root causes of health conditions rather than merely managing symptoms.


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