53. Cori's Story of Hope and Healing

Discover a journey of triumph on Healing Migraines Naturally, as Cory, who battled migraines from her teenage years on, unveils her remarkable health transformation.

Cory's life was a labyrinth of triggers, where everyday activities ignited her debilitating 72-hour migraines.

Triggered by everything from wine to heat, altitude changes to exercise, navigating life itself became a migraine management saga. Cory's life took an unexpected turn as menopause coincided with a concussion, amplifying her chronic migraines.

She found herself bedridden, unable to partake in life's simplest pleasures, as it seemed like she was always risking another migraine episode.

Cory turned to her phone (the only thing she could use to occupy herself while stuck in bed in a dark room) for answers and encountered Dr. Leslie's Facebook group—a turning point that set her on a different trajectory.

In this episode, Cory shares her transformative experience when she stopped trying to "fight" the migraines and gave her body what it needed - physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Fast forward 2 years, and her life has been rewired. She even describes her experience as "reverse aging." From enhanced energy to healthier hair, nails, and even better blood work results, Cory is still seeing all the signs of optimal health.

Join us to explore Cory's journey—a testament to the body's extraordinary capacity for restoration and recovery.

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