52. What Is Health? What Is Disease?

In this episode of Healing Migraines Naturally, Dr. Leslie speaks with Mari about the way we think about health and disease in Western society - which goes all the way back to the ancient Greeks!

Dr. Leslie and Mari start by addressing the massive part of the US economy that is dedicated to healthcare- or, as some people call it, "Sick-Care."  How did we get here?

Going even further down the rabbit hole, Dr. Leslie covers the question, what is disease?

She covers this important question because the way we define health and disease in Western medicine has a significant impact on your ability to get diagnosed and find relief. You may be all-too familiar with the frustration some people face when their symptoms aren't deemed sufficient for a diagnosis, and are told - "Come back when you are worse!"

Dr. Leslie shares her personal experience of frustration with the healthcare system and how defeating it can feel to try and gain your health back when you are constrained by a system that ignores whole-body health. She and Mari go over the interconnectedness of health and disease, but they also cover the innate healing ability within us, and the potential for a society where holistic well-being is a central goal.

Join in as traditional perspectives are challenged and explore new ways of thinking about health and disease as you work toward a Migraine-free life!

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