46. Is Trigger Stacking Real When It Comes to Migraines?

Is Trigger Stacking Real When It Comes to Migraines?

This week on the podcast, Mari and I discuss a recent article on migraine.com that introduced the concept of “trigger stacking.”

The author, Tom Picerno, applies a concept he learned from dog training to his migraines.

While it’s a new term to any migraine sufferer, what he describes is a very real phenomenon that anyone with migraines can relate to.

However, he leaves his readers with no real solutions or hope that we can become less susceptible to migraine triggers – and that is not true – we can become more resilient to migraine triggers and start to live our lives with more freedom, and with the confidence that we can weather various triggers and stressors without getting a migraine! You are not doomed – I assure you.

I share my recent experience being outside in the hot sun for 2 hours (something that in the past would have DEFINITELY sent me over the edge and down in bed with a brain-busting migraine!) and breezed through it with ease! You can do this too!

Mari and I talk about the three things you need to do to restore your health and stop getting migraines – because when we are in a state of health, our body doesn’t generate migraines and we can tolerate all kinds of triggers and stressors!  


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