Hear Katie's story - a 35 year old wife and mother of 2 who was struggling with severe migraines that affected every aspect of her life - work, home, and social.

She had tried it all - every drug and "natural" therapy out there. None of it helped, and she was only getting worse. Living day to day feeling so dependant on drugs and waiting with anxiety for them to wear off.


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"I'm finally to the point now to where I feel like a younger version of myself; I finally feel like me."


Here's what she had to say...

"I was managing my symptoms but always felt that there had to be something else out there to try. Eventually things got worse, and I was reliant on medications, steroids and injections, and began to feel like a drug user, living each day based on when the meds wear off. 

I became familiar with Dr. Leslie when I was added to her Facebook group and saw how she was supporting other women. I watched her free webinar and it peaked my interest as I had tried SO many medications, cranial sacral therapy, even piercings. But found no consistent relief. Instead of listening to my symptoms as signs that something was wrong, I began suppressing them with more and more medication. I was so sick of the hamster wheel that I finally was ready to take the leap. 

I was skeptical when I first started, as I had tried so hard and failed. But I read some testimonials and found someone who had tried all the same things as me… and I realised - What do I have to lose? If it worked then it was going to be such a change for me and everyone in my life.

And it did! I am significantly better, and Dr. Leslie has equipped me with the tools I need to continue my healing journey. I no longer feel foggy. I feel I am finally who I am supposed to be. My family doesn't need to tiptoe around me, and I can be present as a parent. I honestly feel like a younger version of myself, and finally feel like ME again. 

I can’t thank you enough Dr. Leslie, I’m so thankful for you."