Denise is a 47 year old woman who recently completed the 12-Week Healing Migraines Naturally program.

When she started, she had been suffering from chronic migraines for 10 years. It had begun to impact every aspect of her life, and she felt like her life was no longer her own. Having had to step down from the job and seeing the effect that her migraines were having on her relationships she decided enough was enough. Her progress is amazing - listen to her story of healing.


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"I'm so blessed and happy to have my life back. I can’t even believe it. I don’t have pain any more. This is not a fad or a fluke. As long as I maintain my health - a healthy mind and healthy body. I’m going to maintain this. When I think about all the medications people invest in I just wish that they knew that this is the real deal - and this is where you should focus! Thank You Dr. Leslie."


Here's what she had to say...

"I joined Dr. Leslie’s 12-Week Healing Migraines Naturally Program after reading other people’s experiences and being able to relate to what they had gone through. I really had tried everything, like a lot of the people who had been through the program. I realised that one day, you need to take a chance and I decided the timing was right and I just knew that this was the route I needed to take to get better. 


When I joined the program I was in a bad place, I’d been suffering from chronic migraines for 10 years and had been experienced daily pain of some level for 2-3 years - anything from mild head pain to fog, to face drooping, to neck/back pain, abdominal migraines, and even severe migraines. Every day I was either dry heaving or throwing up daily. It reached a point where I debated taking disability because it was taking everything I had in me to be able to work. I kept pushing through but honestly thought I was going to spend the rest of my life feeling this way.


It impacted almost all areas of my life, I didn;t want to get involved with anyone, I no longer had friends, I stopped making plans as I didn’t want to disrupt other people’s lives. My life wasn’t my own anymore, it belonged to the migraines. I knew I wanted to get better so I could live a quality life. My parents became very worried and I distanced myself from my friends and family so that I didn’t put them through what I was going through. 


The neurologist I saw said I was “highly symptomatic” Everything that was going on with my body they put down to the migraines. I had tingling down my legs, anxiety to the point of almost paranoia, my muscles were locked up, my gut was a mess and I couldn’t sleep. I had horrible skull pain that left me unable to have my hair done. It really was affecting my entire being. It really took its toll. On the outside I looked fine but on the inside I was crumbling. 

Eventually I stepped down from my role at work as I had a stressful job and couldn’t handle both. I instead took a different job that required less energy. It took everything I had to show up at work, put a smile on face and be present. I could tell that my colleagues could tell when I was struggling and could see they felt sympathy for me, but I wanted to be perceived as professional and I felt like I was losing that edge at work. I wasn’t meeting the potential I could have had if I was healthy.


I really did try everything to get better -. I tried so many medications but I had allergies and reactions to them so they just didn’t work. I tried botox for 3 years and was doing it but wasn’t sure if it was really working because I still had daily pain.. I reassured myself because I had had ‘a couple of good weeks” over the three months but truthfully I couldn’t put it down to the botox. 


When you are desperate you will do anything. And things become a crutch, even if not working because of fear that if I come off it then things will get worse. It reached a point where the pain was excruciating and I couldn’t wait to get it out of my body. At that point felt like there was nowhere to go. I’d tried everything and nothing was working.


I knew that my body wasn’t just in pain because it “felt like it”. I knew that there had to be a reason for this. I knew I had to make myself healthy and I knew on my own that I couldn’t do it. That’s when I decided to join Dr. Leslie’s program. I’d joined her Facebook group a few months prior but truthfully I believed it wasn’t going to help me. But the more I kept researching things I realised the importance of whole mind & body wellness, and getting your gut in line and how your repressed emotions can do a number on you. I listened to testimonials and just had a really good feeling that this program was going to help me. 


It was so helpful to learn about the three pillars and have someone to guide and coach me through it. I also appreciated the fact that she also experienced had migraines and has been through it. She really understands the pain that we are going through. 


I had tried so many things before this program, I changed my diet, had nutritional testing, I cut out certain foods but 2 weeks later my symptoms would still come back. I tried acupuncture, reflexology, basically every natural approach out there - even hypnosis and neuro feedback therapy. There really isn’t anything I haven’t tried. I even saw a therapist but they failed to relate anything I was going through to the pain I was experiencing in my body. 


Before the program I was on so many supplements but they weren’t doing anything. Now I’m going through and getting rid of everything. I hated my migraines and thought my body hated me. This program gives you the tools to change that.  For anyone who says “I did all the natural stuff and it didn’t work” well it didn’t for me either, cause my body wasn’t set up for it to work. That’s what made a huge difference. It was so nice that this whole thing was catered to me. I would lose weight on some of these diets people recommend but Dr. Leslie helped me focus on maintaining weight which is important for me. 


This program didn’t just take away the pain, it has changed my life. It’s made a huge difference. There are some things that I had cut out of my life in fear that they were contributing to my symptoms but now I’m eating them and they don’t affect me at all (even if they are on the typical “foods to avoid” lists) 


And some things that I had taken off the table just in case it was contributing. With the foods there are some things that I stopped eating but now I’m eating them but they don’t affect me at all and they are on the “foods to avoid” list. I no longer have anxiety and obsession around lifestyle changes. 


When I joined this program I was 100% in because there was no way I could keep living my life like this. So many people claim that they can do things and have the knowledge to help you recover, I’ve seen enough of them! Even the neurologists who would just give up on me. But everyone needs to know that Dr. Leslie’s knowledge and experience is real! It is time for people to put themselves first and try this. If anything I’ve said sounds even remotely similar to what you are going through, then just know that you are worth it. I’m worth it. Everyone is worth it! 


I'm so blessed and happy to have my life back. I can’t even believe it. I don’t have pain any more. This is not a fad or a fluke. As long as I maintain my health - a healthy mind and healthy body. I’m going to maintain this. When I think about all the medications people invest in I just wish that they knew that this is the real deal - and this is where you should focus! Thank You Dr. Leslie. "