Listen to Ashleigh, a 32 year old woman just like you who completed this 12-week transformation program.

Along with her migraines, Ashleigh healed her fatigue, brain fog and gastro intestinal issues as a result of our work together.


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"If are feeling frustrated and feeling like you have tried everything and nothing is working...then try this program. It really did help me when I thought I would be living with these migraines for the rest of my life, and living my life on the couch."


Here's what she had to say...

"I had been in Dr. Leslie’s facebook group for a while and was waiting for things to get really bad before I was ready to jump into her program. I was too nervous and I wasn’t ready to make the changes I needed to make. At the end of a 2 week migraine I finally decided I couldn’t live like this anymore. It reached the point where I would have migraines daily. I couldn’t go to work, it was unbearable to do anything and I ended up in the ER. The ER just gave me a shot and sent me on my way and the meds just weren’t helping. And whenever the migraines finished I would suffer from a fatigue hangover. This made it feel so difficult to do the simplest things - even getting up to use the bathroom. It was difficult to sleep, and I would dread night time because of the pain. 

My migraines were affecting my work and my relationships as I have to focus all my energy on taking care of myself. I couldn’t make plans it was just horrible to live that way. I’ve gone from daily to 2-3 times per week but I will continue to get better. My fatigue, digestion and brain fog is much better. My relationships are much better. I’ve come along way. 

Finally I can start to make places and take back my back my life. Now I can do the things I WANT to do and not just the things I need to do. If you are feeling frustrated, and like you’ve tried everything then just try this program because it’s not something you do one time, it will be a lifestyle change to help you and your family. Dr. Leslie, you made it easy and encouraged me. Thank you."