55. Will doing a cleanse help my migraines?

Can a cleanse help eliminate migraines?

In this episode, join Dr. Leslie and Mari as they talk about cleanses, toxin-buildup, and how they impact migraine sufferers.

Explore the different types of cleanses, how they can help eliminate toxins from our bodies, and where they fall short.

Dr. Leslie discusses the potential pitfalls of trying to use a quick cleanse to address your migraines and your overall health, including some personal experiences she’s had with cleanses. She also goes over the crucial role of the liver in detoxification and how a cleanse can impact the detoxification process.

Dr. Leslie and Mari remind us to come back to the fundamental principles of restoring health, including cellular nutrition, effective waste removal, and cellular vitality.

Don't miss this enlightening discussion on cleanses, toxins, and their impact on migraines!


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