50. Julie's Story of Hope and Healing

Julie had migraines for over 4 decades, and had literally tried it all over the years.

Before, she was able to power through and most people didn't know she was suffering. She rarely let on that she was in a migraine state because the comments she would get wouldn't be helpful.

But in the past few years, the pain severity and frequency was making it hard to push through. At 15-20 migraine days per month, she couldn't hide it anymore. She had to let people know - because she had to cancel plans, retreat, and conserve whatever she could to make it through the workday.

This sadly left very little for her husband, her friends, and herself.


She realized she needed to do something drastically different.


Listen to Julie's amazing story of hope and healing, as she stopped doing things to "fight" her migraines, and started doing the things her body needed to naturally restore itself to health.

Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal and recover - and the potential to recover in a very short period of time, when we correctly identify blockers to health and add in what we need, rather than focus on fighting our migraines and cutting things out.  

Spoiler alert: She went from 20 migraines days a month, to no migraines since last April! Whoo-hoo! Congratulations Julie!


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