49. What creationists and evolutionary biologists BOTH know about your migraines

Join Mari and Dr. Leslie in this episode of Healing Migraines Naturally as they explore the surprising similarities between creationists and evolutionary biologists.

Delving into the philosophy of health restoration, they discuss how both belief systems acknowledge the rational order of the universe and the importance of alignment with the natural state.

Dr. Leslie shares examples, including the behavior of your stinky neighborhood skunk. Using this well-known animal as a reference, she tells a story which helps illustrate the connection between natural condition and health, and how the universe is designed to give you the feedback you need to get back into alignment.

While addressing the mental and emotional impact on well-being, Dr. Leslie clarifies that experiencing migraines or illness is not a personal fault. Instead, it signifies the need for realignment and provides an opportunity to address underlying issues.

No matter where you fall on the evolution-to-creation spectrum, understanding the importance of alignment and feedback can help you navigate your health journey and embrace well-being.

Listen in to this episode of Healing Migraines Naturally as Mari and Dr. Leslie find common ground between opposing viewpoints, shedding light on the interplay between philosophy, health, and the harmony of the natural world.


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