45. Antidepressants and Migraine Prevention - Does it really help?

For chronic migraine sufferers, there’s a progression of migraine medications - first your doctor is going to start with the triptans, or now, perhaps the oral CGRP antagonists like Nurtec or Ubrelvy.

But once those start to fail you, and you have to take more than is advised, your doctor is going to put you on daily preventative medication.

Usually you’ll start with things like propranolol or Topamax. But once those start to fail you - then your doctor is going to want to add in antidepressants like Amitriptyline or Nortriptyline - or maybe even Prozac, Wellbutrin, or Cymbalta.

But are antidepressants treating the root cause of your migraines or just suppressing the symptoms?

Do you really have an Amitriptyline deficiency?

In this podcast, Dr. Leslie and Mari go pretty deep into the lack of efficacy of these meds and the problems that many women have when they want to get off these meds. And - as always - they talk about the 3 things you need to do instead to restore and maintain your health – because when we are in a state of health – our body doesn’t generate migraines.

Finally, Dr. Leslie shares some profound information about how her health was destroyed when she took a suppressive medication and her journey of recovery and restoration.


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